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The Future with Marx - International Conference (Cinzia Arruzza)

  • Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences пр-кт Вернадского, 82, корп. 2 Moskva Russia (map)

Derrida has famously stated that "there will be no future without Marx, without the memory and inheritance of Marx". The multiplicity of academic and popular events in the year of Marx's anniversary testifies to the truth of these words. Two hundred years after his birth, the thought of Karl Marx remains a rousing way to look at the future. 

The fall of the Soviet project has effectively eliminated all major social alternatives from the current world order and impoverished the global political imagination. It is no accident that the two most recent decades have generated no utopias and in numerous polities witnessed the hegemony of nostalgic conservative projects of returning into an imagined past to become "great again." However, the dissatisfaction with the disappearance of the meaningful future is constantly growing, and Marx has now been rediscovered as a visionary who knew to see seeds of the future in the present. His books are bestsellers again on both sides of the Atlantic, where people are desperately searching for answers to the challenges of the XXI century: inequality, fundamentalism, imperial wars, and crisis of democracy. 

One year after Marx's anniversary, we gather in Moscow to inquire about the future with Marx. How can Marxian thought help us imagine a better future? What is the hope that it provides today? How does Marxist imagination account for the Soviet experience and how can it operate within the societies that emerged from the Soviet past? What is the Marxist view of history today and what are the social classes capable of developing it? What do we learn from Marx after the end of classical Marxism? 

The purpose of this two-day conference is to familiarize a wide public in Russia with the visions of future in contemporary Marxist and Post-Marxist thought. It is also meant to question what could be the Marist view from Russia today by bringing Russian scholars into dialogue with the leading intellectuals from other countries.