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Philadelphia Socialist Feminist Convergence

  • Calvary United Methodist Church 801 S 48th St Philadelphia (map)

The 2019 Socialist Feminist Convergence, hosted by the Philly DSA Socialist Feminist Working Group, aims to bring together leftist feminists from across the country to share skills, deepen relationships, discuss campaigns, and develop a shared strategy for winning anti-racist socialism in our time. Mainstream liberal feminist discourses in popular media have sustained considerable public attention, and these conversations offer an opening for a robust socialist analysis that effectively counters patriarchal domination and builds class solidarity. Additionally, the Socialist Feminist Convergence hopes to bring light to the importance of reproductive labor, which is often overlooked, underpaid, and undervalued in capitalist society.

Preliminary Program*

*Note: program, titles, and speakers are subject to change. Additional panelists and workshop leaders will be announced soon! 

Reach out to with questions, corrections, or concerns. 

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FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 5:30PM – 7:45pm

First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street, Griffin Hall

5:30PM Doors open

Childcare provided.

6:00PM Welcome to the Convergence!

Introductory remarks from organizers from Philly Socialist Feminist Working Group. 

6:30PM – 7:30PM Tithi Bhattacharya Keynote Address

SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Calvary Church, 801 S. 48th Street

Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Sanctuary, Classroom, Quiet Room, Childcare Area

9:00AM – 9:30AM Breakfast

Food provided.

9:00AM – 5:00PM Self and Other Care Childcare provided.

A quiet room will be available upstairs.

9:30AM – 9:55AM Opening Proceedings

A welcome, introduction, brief remarks.

10:00AM – 10:50AM A Conversation with Patty Eakin and Sandra Lane

Facilitated Discussion: Labor Leaders on Lessons and Mentoring Troublemakers.

Featuring former PASNAP President Patty Eakin and CWA organizer and DSA Labor Branch member, Sandra Lane.

11:00AM – 12:20PM Session One

1.1 Organizing Health Justice (Fellowship Hall) Panel discussion about the possibilities and obstacles to winning health justice.

  1. “The War on Drugs, Recovery and Restitution from the Mindset of a Black Organizer” Aurica Hurst, Community Organizer, Activist, Actress, Member of Philly for Real Justice and Assoc. of Black & Brown Workers Cooperative

  2. “Abortion access as a health justice issue,” Crystal Grabowski, Co-Chair of Pittsburgh DSA Socialist Feminist Committee

1.2 #MeToo on the Left and Labor (Classroom) Testimonies and Workshop on uncovering abuse in organizing contexts, recovering from these violations and developing just accountability mechanisms.

1.3 Activism 101: Core Skills for Socialist Feminist Organizing (Chapel) Skillshares on fundamentals for being anti-capitalist feminists.

  1. “Running a Good Meeting,” Margaret McLaughlin, Steering Member, Metro DC DSA

  2. “Base Building and Suburban Organizing,” Vanessa Longobardi, Suffolk County DSA

1.4 Incorporating Restorative Justice Concepts Into An Organizing Community (48th Street House)  

  1. Mel Chambers, Central NJ DSA, New Jersey high school teacher, trainer with the International Institute for Restorative Practices

12:30PM – 1:25PM Lunch

Food provided

1:30PM – 2:50PM Session Two

2.1 Defending Reproductive Rights (Fellowship Hall)

  1. “The history of the politicization of our abortion clinics, and the strategies being used to protect and expand access to abortion and confront right-wing attacks on our reproductive rights,” Christine Uebel-Niemeier (DSA Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky), Mandy Medley (Twin Cities DSA and Twin Cities Abortion Defense), and Anne Rumberger (NYC DSA and NYC For Abortion Rights)

  2. “Abortion Access as a Transformative Demand” by Michelle Enos, Socialist Alternative

  3. “Socialist feminist organizing in Argentina in the context of the fight for the right to an abortion,” Tatiana Cozzarelli, NYC DSA

2.2 Organizing for Prison Abolition (Chapel)

  1. “Trans Justice from Behind Bars,” Danielle Corcione (they/them), Project Leader of the Philly Socialists Prison Project and member of Philly Socialists

2.3 Socialist Feminist School Presentations on the theory of our collective action.

  1. “Feminist Political Economy,” Katherine Moos, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Luiza Nassif Pires, Ph.D. Candidate, The New School for Social Research

  2. “Brahminical Patriarchy: Lessons from Indian Socialist feminists,” Whitney Russell

2.4 Zero Waste Notebook Making (48th Street House)

  1. Dave Backer, Co-chair, Childcare and Family Support Committee

3:00PM – 4:20PM: Session Three

3.1 Taking Action Against Family Separation

  1. Pat Albright, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, on Coordinating Committee of the PA Poor People’s Campaign

  2. Carolyn Hill, DHS Give Us Back Our Children

  3. Karen Ali, Human Rights Coalition, Global Women’s Strike

  4. Michelle Angela, Shut-Down Berks

3.2 Queer Socialism, Trans Socialism

  1. “Assisted Reproduction of What? Care, Technology, and Surrogates’ Struggle,” Sophie Lewis, Brooklyn Institute for Social Research (Philadelphia faculty)

3.3 Feminism for 99%: Manifesto (Chapel)

Talk and conversation (with books from Verso available for sale)

  1. Cinzia Arruzza, Red Bloom and DSA NYC member, Interim Steering Committee of SocFem National Working Group

  2. Kate Doyle Griffiths, Red Bloom

  3. Michelle O’Brien, IWS-NYC

3.4 Pattern Drafting (48th Street House)

  1. Carly Katz, NYC DSA

4:30PM – 5:30PM Session Four

4.1 Race & Justice in the City: Anti-Eviction Organizing (Fellowship Hall)

Speech and discussion on responding to this crisis of our time.

  1. “Housing Justice Organizing from a Black Feminist Lens,” Eboni Taggert

  2. Philly DSA Housing Group

4.2 Centering Childcare in our Organizations (Classroom)

  1. “Planting Seeds: Developing the Red Sprouts Childcare Collective” Elizabeth Fetterolf, Political Education Coordinator for the NYC DSA Socialist Feminist Working Group & Landry Levine, Red Sprouts Childcare Collective, NYC DSA

  2. “Family Outreach Work and Socialist Sprouts Program,” Sophie Wodzak, Pittsburgh DSA

4.3 Being a Socialist Feminist Online (Chapel) Presentation and Conversation

  1. Season of the Bitch coven

  2. Alison from Library Freedom Project

4.4 Craft Space (48th Street House) 

5:40PM – 7:00PM  Wrap Up Coffee Hour

Coffee and snacks provided. Socializing with optional debrief, feedback and processing.

7:30PM Season of the Bitch Show Taping ~ Offsite!

Separate registration required, more info at

9:00PM – 12:00AM Washer/Halfsour/Anna Altman/Cult Objects Show ~ Offsite!

Everybody Hits, 529 West Girard Avenue. Tickets $8! 

SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 10:15AM – 2:30PM

First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street, Griffin Hall

10:15AM Breakfast

Food provided. Childcare provided.

10:30AM – 11:30AM Session Five 

5. Organizing Feminized Labor Forces (Griffin Hall)

  1. Nicole Kligerman of National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)

11:40AM – 12:15PM Session Six

6. Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight Over Women’s Work Consciousness-Raising Workshop

  1. Stephanie Kollgaard, National Women’s Liberation

12:20PM – 1:10PM Session Seven

7. Building Left Power: Dual power, municipalism, and the feminization of politics

  1. Kelly Roache, Symbiosis; DSA Libertarian Socialist Caucus Queer Anarcha-Feminist Working Group

  2. Marisa Anne Day, Common Notions-Nociones Comunes

1:50PM – 2:30PM Session Eight

8. Closing Out